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In the ever-evolving landscape of home technology, 2024 brings an impressive array of new and improved innovations you can seamlessly blend in with your own unique style. Smart home technology has never been more accessible, so renters can still enjoy the convenience and fun of technology that makes life a little easier. If you live in a modern, new home such as The Pointe Apartments - Mass Ave, Indianapolis, your home is equipped for high-speed internet and furnished with modern and energy-efficient LED lighting, making it easy to incorporate renter-friendly technology. Let’s explore some of the most popular gadgets and gizmos for bringing the future into your home.

Hands-Free Living, Effortless Control

Integrate voice-activated assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for a futuristic, hands-free living experience. Voice assistants can be a great starting point for a DIY smart home, offering a convenient way for family members or roommates to interact without having to manage access from multiple apps.

Illuminate Your Space, Your Way

Gone are the days of simple “on” or “off” switches! The modern, updated apartments at The Pointe on Mass are equipped with modern lighting fixtures and pendant lighting in the kitchen, but you can also connect your desk and floor lamps to your smartphone, allowing you to control the ambiance of your apartment or set a lighting schedule with a simple voice command.

Power Up, Sans the Cords

Say goodbye to tangled cords and clutter! Many furniture pieces from sofas to coffee tables and nightstands now have built-in wireless charging capabilities. These pieces match your decor while keeping your devices charged.

Safety Meets Style

Enjoy peace of mind while you’re out and about with a Nest Cam or other wireless camera device, viewable from anywhere through the Google Home app. These devices come in a variety of low-profile designs and neutral shades so you can prioritize both safety and aesthetics.

Immersive Experiences, Tidy Spaces

Elevate your entertainment space with a high-quality sound system integrated into your smart home setup. Amazon, Google, and Apple have all released smart home speakers in the past few years that allow you to conceal wires and equipment and activate using voice commands as soon as you walk through the door or while you’re making dinner and entertaining friends.

Incorporating the latest home technology into your apartment doesn't mean sacrificing aesthetics. In a modern, updated downtown setting such as The Pointe on Mass luxury apartments, Indianapolis, you can embrace the future and let your living space reflect both the style and innovations of 2024. Ready to blast off? Call our leasing office at (844) 901-3898 to schedule a tour today.